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Lash Health

Lash Health/care

Eyelusion Organic Lash Bath is infused with Aloe Leaf Extract. Aloe Leaf extract contains antioxidants and enzymes to help protect and nourish your eyelash extensions, while preserving overall eye health.

Lash Care is key for healthier lashes.  Please clean your lash extensions daily with Eyelusion Organic Lash Bath and brush provided by your lash technician. Keeping your lashes free of dirt and debri will help with lash retention. You will also need to comb your lashes daily to keep them from tangling. 

After Care

*Gently Cleanse lashes daily with Eyelusion Organic Lash Bath

*No Mascara allowed!!!

*Use only oil free products around the lash line.

*Do not use an eyelash curler on your lash extensions.

*Do not use wax or liquid eyeliner pencils.

*Do not attempt to remove lash extensions. Ouch!

* Avoid pulling or tugging on your lash extensions.

* Do not use cotton or pads with lint. Fibers will get into lash extensions.

Any Questions please feel free to give us a call at 773-696-0211